Sunday, July 26, 2015

RST: Random Sunday Thoughts

Holtby's Home, Semin Signs

It has been hard for me of late to find time to keep PHT up. Thanks to my lovely bride, we have come up with the solution of hitting all the high points of the week with "Random Sunday Thoughts". Fun for you, I know. The following are just some thoughts of mine on the Capitals week in the news and my opinion (for what it is worth) on those stories. Let's just see if I can keep up with this.

Semin is a Hab

After being bought out of his five year, $35 million contract with the Carolina Hurricanes, former Cap Alex Semin signed a one year $1.1 million with the Montreal Canadiens. While we all knew Semin would find work somewhere, I was surprised it was still in North America.

With the KHL matching some expanding salaries of players from the NHL, I would have figured Semin would chase the money back in Russia. But that was not the case. He stays in the western hemisphere playing for a pretty good Canadien team who could use some natural goal scoring talent in their line up. He takes a pretty significant pay cut to do so. I just hope he is a less poisonous manner in which the 'Canes saw him with in their locker room.

Back in Net

Braden Holtby signs a 5 year $30.5 million contract to back stop the Capitals. It is the first contract the Capitals have offered over three years since they signed Olaf Kolzig to a five year $31 million. If that doesn't tell you how important Holtby is to this organization, I am sure the heavy work load and stellar numbers both in the regular season and in the post season should.

Barry Trotz called Holtby part of the Capitals' DNA in the post season. Certainly the 25 year old netminder has endeared himself to the Caps' fandom with his spectacular saves and his calm demeanor has boost the confidence of his teammates in front of him. Everyone is pretty excited to have him locked up for another 5 years.

Holtby's cap hit is at $6.1 million, breaking down to $3.5 million the first year then consecutively $7, $7, $5, and $5 million. The Caps could have done better to get that cap hit below 6, but MacLellan wanted to match as close to Holtby's desired numbers which were reported to be near $8 million a year. It remains to be seen now what is left for Marcus Johansson, the last Caps' free agent to be signed.

Other Caps' Notes:
  • The NHL changed the start times of 3 Caps games at the Verizon center from the 7 pm start to a 7:30 pm puck drop. The dates and times can be found here, and with the national broadcasts I am sure these are not the last changes for games this season. 
  • Caps did make some minor signings with the addition of Zach Sill. One thing the Washington squad is getting under the management of MacLellan is bigger through the ranks. Sill at six foot, 202 lbs, Sill spent time with the Penguins and Maple Leafs acquiring 84 PIMs in 63 NHL games played. 

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