Monday, November 11, 2013

Rough Road

Capitals 1, Avalanche 4

Since I'm in a rush, this post will be short and sweet, just like the Calitals effort in Colorado. 

- The Washington Capitals looked exactly like a team that played the night before then a trip to thin air Denver road weary team. Sounds kinda redundant but that's what happened when your tired. Facing a fresh Avalanche team, the Caps were a tad sloppy and a little loose with the puck. It just was not pretty. 

- There were a lot of questionable officiating by the officials (redundant again). It started with the Aves' first goal. It had looked like Patrick Bordeleau had tipped a high backhander with a high stick. The Refs gave no indication of the indiscretion and video somehow could conclusively overrule the call on the ice. It did look like the shot had been redirected off the end of Bordeleau's stick which was above the crossbar to me. Another missed call and scary moment is when Alex Ovechkin was checked into the boards head first and lay stubbed on the ice for a few moments. Ovi claimed he was tripped, Jan Hedja (the Aves player in question) insisted both players were going into the corner and Ovechkin stepped on his stick. I would say 4 times out 5 that is called a penalty, but Refs let it go. Ovechkin was out on the ice on his next shift. 

- 5 on 3's seem simple enough, unless you are a Capital. The Caps have yet to convert with two extra men on the ice and it could have helped them in both games on this road trip. I'm sure I see some sort of video session followed by some practice with producing when given opportunity. 

- Joel Ward's goal to tie the game was a converted lucky bounce as the luck ricocheted off the end boards off the faceoff. That gives Ward his 8th tally of the campaign. It was over shawdowed by the Aves answering less than :30 seconds later as Mike Holden scored to give the Aves the lead. It's been a problem spot for the Caps for a long time, letting up after big goals. If the game goes to the third period tied, the out come could have been different. 

That's all I got for now. 

Oh, and happy Veterns Day! We will never forget. 

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