Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah

I can not tell how many times the words "meeting again today" has flashed on my twitter feed just to have me roll my eyes and sigh heavily. SIGH. The NHL (now known as the NO Hockey League) is quickly becoming a parody upon itself. All the while we have seen jabs sent back and forth between the players union and the owners and, after a while, it just becomes white noise.

The league has probably killed the casual fan for a year or two and will lose more fans as the lockout drags on. While the hard core fans can only shake our heads as both sides claim us as a collective are for one side or the other.

It is the hardcore sides of the players union and owners that keep the boys off the ice which some have claimed are the wrong ones to be in talks in the first place. If the owners who can withstand a year (or two) with out the sport playing and the players who are dug in for that duration are the front liners in talks, I doubt the league will do much to get the ice back in the arenas.

I have heard of an idea to end the impasse a few times, both on twitter and talking with others disgruntled fans. Why not let the players and owners who want to get back to playing hockey do the mediations? It is a sound question and a solution may present itself faster than hearing the dreaded white noise of both sides "meeting again today".

In the end, the fans really don't care which side wins, because both sides are losing the longer the lockout continues. Maybe we should call it the NO Hockey, Losers!

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