Friday, June 22, 2012

Pick Two

They may not have a coach, but the Washington Capitals have two picks in the first round of the NHL Draft. Picks and 11 and 16 were Caps to choose and they picked up more offense and some size.

Picked 11th overall, Filip Forsberg, is a natural play maker. NHL director of European scouting describes Forsberg this way:
“A leader who shows by example -- I would compare him to Anaheim's Corey Perry a little bit. Has a nose for the net, and often scores the big goals. He's a creative playmaker, good skater with fine straight-ahead speed. He's a right-handed forward with an excellent shot and an effective two-way player with a great winning attitude. Filip's a solid puck carrier with very good puck-handling skills; mature, good size and physically strong. On top of that, he'll sacrifice himself to make the play.”
Don't get to excited, he is not related to NHL great Peter Forsberg, but Filip does model his game after him.

Pick 16 the Caps picked up a player that was rumored to be picked up by the Flyers. Thomas Wilson was selected for his toughness, size and his ability to put the puck in the net too. TSN analysts believe he will be the next Milan Lucic, but better looking. He is a gold medal winner with Team Canada in 2011 in Helsinki and he was voted "Best Body-Checker" in the OHL's 2012 coaches poll. He loves to hit, fight and help his team win. In 49 games played he registered 27 points and was a plus 17.

Consistent with class, the Pittsburgh fans in attendance freely booed the Capitals picks. The boos were not as loud as they were for the Flyers.

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