Monday, September 19, 2011

Access Denied

This is not how I got snubbed or how unfair the Capitals PR staff is (I actually think they are pretty cool). Rather this is one blog that is struggling just to keep up this summer and has come to the proverbial fork in the road. 

The Washington Capitals officially denied credentials to Hey, I would have done the same thing based on the last few months. Truth is, life has gotten a little more complicated with home ownership, a one and half year old, and an unforgiving work schedule. I have been more on the outside these last few months since I first got credentialed by the Caps. It's funny how life gets in the way of a good thing. Several times I have contemplated ending it all and killing the site (it would save me ten bucks every year for the domain name). But on the behest of my wife and several other bloggers and well wishers, I have trudged through the summer months and these last few days with a flooded basement pumping out basement water and so so posts. 

Finally I have come to the decision to not make my mind up on abandoning the site just yet (how's that for an answer). It will be fun to casually blog and get back to just being a fan. Back to my roots. Respect. 

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Dirk Hoag said...

Access is overrated - if you have insight to offer, then it's not really necessary to sprinkle it with a few quotes you've gathered after a practice or game.

Hang in there, and keep up the blog whenever you like; it shouldn't get to the point where you feel you have to post something just for the sake of doing it.