Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Philly Outpricing The Market?

The Philadelphia Flyers made a trade in what some think is way to much to acquire a solid third line player. The Toronto Maple Leafs traded Kris Versteeg to Philly for a first round and third round picks in next year's draft. Considering a first rounder has only been traded once times in the past two years at the trade deadline.

It's not like the Flyers need the extra help. They are playing the best hockey of late and are atop the Eastern Conference standings (77 pts) with only the Pittsburgh Penguins (74 pts) and Tampa Bay (73 pts.) within reach to overtake Philly. It could be a wise move to start filling the ranks as they plan a long run into the playoffs and getting the best players to jump in when injuries arise could be key. But when general managers dangle a first round pick they do not do it lightly.

Not that I think Philadelphia has done it intentionally, but they could be making other gm's look at the market and say, if it is going to take a first rounder to get a third line player what would it cost to get some help in lines one and two?

What does this mean for Washington? The Capitals may still be looking for a solid, two-way, second line centerman and maybe some better goaltending support (whether that means a back up with playoff experience of late or a new number one goaltender). It might mean saying good bye to what the Caps have built in Hershey in prospects.

Unlike Philly, the Caps have a mix of both draft picks to offer as well as prospect players. But general manager George McPhee is awfully stingy with both. As he has said before, he trust the players he knows. It is unlikely that McPhee would give up much just for a rental.

It will be interesting to see where McPhee takes his team next, to say the least.

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