Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bruins Spoil Caps Win Streak

Capitals 1, Bruins 3
Game Summary

It was the perfect road game for the Boston Bruins. They got the early goal, played physical as well as desciplined, took the crowd out of the equation and got solid goaltending when they needed it from Tim Thomas. The Washington Capitals couldn't wake up offensively as their power play has turned stagnate. They see their win streak end at four.

In honor of Caps Girl, I will be comparing tonight's highlights to ex-girlfriends.
  • Marcus Johansson first NHL goal is like my very first girlfriend Tina. While Johansson scored on his first, I didn't (hey, I was in 5th grade, I think we just sat in her basement and colored). His goal was started by Matt Hendricks creating the turnover deep in the zone and Jason Chimera feeding a beautiful pass in front to a waiting MoJo. Johansson beat Thomas top shelf, welcome to the NHL kid.
  • Kendra was constantly coming down with some kind of illness. Sort of like Michal Neuvirth's sudden exit from the game after two goals. Neuvirth complained of dizziness and a headache, taking himself out of the game. Semyon Varlamov came in and stopped all shots but one, a floater shot that had eyes around a well placed screen. 
  • The Capitals' power play was disappointing like my ex-girlfriend Rose. With all the great talent on that top power play line, the Caps have fallen into a PP funk. They are falling into a habit of over using Alex Ovechkin at the point for the shot and standing around way too much. It looks good on paper, but the Caps PP isn't cutting it.
  • Just like Erica, there were a couple of good fights. Although it was more of the physical kind in the game where Hendricks got reacquainted with Gregory Campbell. The two went to blows with Campbell decked Ovechkin rudely into the boards and Hendricks stood up for his captain. Campbell looked like he was really looking forward to a rematch, wildly swinging his arms. Hendricks just waited his turn and threw in a few good punches. John Erskine also got a scrap in against Milan Lucic. A bad trade off for the Bruins. And no, I never hit women, although took a few punches in the arm from Erica. 
  • Finally, the Capitals' PK is definitely like my beautiful wife. Just like my wifey, the PK came up big killing off all 4 Bruin power play opportunities. It was dependable for the Caps and a center of great pride for the team. They even mastered a :53 second 5 on 3 frustrating the Bruins offense.
 I joke about the ex's. The Capitals did play a good hard game. They just didn't come up with the goals. They finished checks, played tough through the neutral zone and used their speed effectively on the Bruins defense. Thomas' play was really good tonight and the Bruins' defense did a good job keeping Ovechkin in check for most of the game. 

Caps get a chance at redemption as they head up north to Boston to finish this home and home with the Bruins on Thursday night. This will be a great opportunity to see what the Caps have learned, and what changes they make to their play in the second game. But if the Caps put forth the kind of effort they did tonight, I doubt it will be disappointing. 

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TheScribbler said...

Neuvie confirmed by the team with influenza per WTOP news today.