Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On Extended Hiatus

It has become even more apparent that it will be harder and harder for me to update my blog. Which is a shame, because for the last 5 years I have poured my heart into it. I never wrote this blog for anyone but for myself really. It has been nice to see regular readers and have good arguments and conversations about the sport we all love.

But like it has been said, all good things must come to an end.

I have tried to make it work and set aside time to update and give my thoughts about the team and the NHL in general, but unfortunately there just is not the time I have had before. I am happy at the work I have done here. And if things change with the demands on my job and life, I may return.

But for now it is good-bye. I will maintain the website for those who wish to recap some of my greatest work (which is every post I have ever written!!!). And I will be around at Caps' practices, games and some team functions.

I do want to give the Caps media relations crew a shout out. I am not sure what possessed you guys to give me free reign to the locker room, games and to the team, but I appreciate the insight and it has made me understand the NHL in ways I could not fathom before. Thanks.

And to my brethren (and sisteren) of bloggers, keep up the fantastic work. I read your posts and blogs nearly every day and I feel like I have laughed, cheered and cried along with you guys. Some of the guys I truly respect (I am just realizing) I really have never had the chance to know you better outside the blogosphere.

I may update from time to time. I will always be Rock'n the Red and cheering my favorite chant, "Let's Go Caps!"

We will get that Cup boys, I have faith.

See ya around.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ovechkin Takes NHLPA MVP Honors

Alex Ovechkin may have been snubbed for the Hart as league's most valuable player, but he took home the NHLPA Ted Lindsay award for the third consecutive year. While his piers see Ovi as the league's MVP, Henrik Sedin takes the honors.

Mike Green and Ovechkin were both named to NHL first All-Star team. Jose Theodore would take the Bill Masterton award given to the player that best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey.

While Sedin snatched the Hart with his league best 83 assists, it is hard to imagine any player coming back from two suspensions and still led his team to a franchise first President's Trophy as League's best in the regular season.

For many fans, the individual awards may seem like old hat. Rather it is the lack of playoff success (thus far) that makes this year's awards somewhat insignificant. It is great that the Caps have players that are recognized for their efforts, but fans are looking for more team accolades now the Washington Capitals are serious Cup contenders.

Eyes are focused on George McPhee's actions this off season and from what can be deduced is that some familiar faces will not return. Theodore maybe looking for work this summer as no deal or talks have come his way. Instead, GMGM will be going with the kids Semyon Varlamov and Micheal Neuvirth. Theo confirmed as much at the awards show according to Tarik's blog:

"We had a good talk," Theodore said. "I enjoyed my time in Washington. Two great years. Winning percentage, stats-wise, it was fun to play for the Caps. But things in the new NHL, they are, they're going to go with the young kids [Semyon Varlamov and Michal Neuvirth] and I respect that."

"I have nothing but good words to say about this city, especially the fans and the organization," he added. "With the way I finished last year, I'm just looking forward to next season."

Shaone Morrisonn is another player that may not be in Caps camp this fall as is Brendan Morrison. McPhee has not talked to either Mo or B.Mo about returning as of yet and may let both go to make room to bring in talent in Hershey.

Salary cap-wise the league will give teams a bump to $59.4 million. A raise from $56.8 million.