Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Going For 15

Ask any Capital about the winning streak, most would say, "It's great, but we have a bigger goal." It is true that many of the players in this locker room know what a mountain it is to climb to be on a streak such as this. They may have reached the steepest part of the mountain.

If the Caps want a shot at the record, they would have to win the next three on the road before the Olympic break. And the teams they face will not be push overs. The Canadiens, Senators and Blues are on the calendar before the NHL takes their pause for the Olympics. The Capitals have to deal with teams looking to topple the top team in the league and one team in particular had a nice win streak of their own.

The Senators were trying to match the Caps' winning ways as they were on their own 11 game winning streak. They saw that streak come to an end, but the team has been playing very well with improved goaltending and impressive wins against the Devils, Penguins, Bruins (twice), Blackhawks and Rangers. The Caps can not take any of the remaining teams lightly if they want the streak to continue.

Caps Notes:
  • The next home game for the Capitals is on March 4th when they finish a back to back that starts in Buffalo and the next night they face Tampa Bay at home. After the Lightning game, the Caps will play every other night until the 21st of March when they get 3 nights off. 5 home games to start, then 4 games on the road. 10 games in 18 nights.
  • Think there is NBC bias? DC Bog breaks it down.
  • The Caps moved up their practice today to get out of dodge before the another snow downpour hits the area. They will leave this afternoon for Montreal.

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