Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Now, We Have A Series

On the brink of a possible sweep, the Pittsburgh Penguins finally woke up at home and get back on track in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. They even showed signs of dominance that we saw with Carolina and Washington with their aggressive forecheck.

In fact, this kind of feels like the Washington series in a lot of ways. Down two games to none, the Penguins looked like all the luck had run dry. Then they just got lucky and started playing with more and more confidence. That is a scary prospect if you are a Red Wing fan.

What may be even more important, the series is now long enough for NBC to pick up the awarding of the Cup. If the Wings won game three and then win again in Pittsburgh, there was a good chance that Versus would be showing the series clinching game, not NBC. Hence, some upteenth million households would miss out completely the completion of the Cup finals. That would have been the real shame.

NHL Notes
  • Jim Balsillie (besides having a silly name) is dead set on buying a NHL franchise and moving it to Hamilton, come hell or high water. The league has been fighting him every step of the way even when he seems to play by the rules. His plan is to purchase the struggling Phoenix Coyotes and he made no falsehoods about moving the team. Which is a shame, since hockey was starting to grow in the desert.
  • Apparently the GM position for Jacques Martin in Florida was just too much. He jumped at the first chance to become head coach with the Montreal Canadiens. Hmm, trade Guy Carbonneau for a guy that couldn't coach the Panthers with the talent they had. I am just saying, Habs' fans might be waiting awhile to win.
  • The NHL loves concussions. They love it so much, that they won't even consider a hit to the head rule to prevent them. The GMs met in Pittsburgh just before game 3 at Mellon Arena to discuss a possible hits to the head penalty. But nothing came of it. I guess they figure if we dumb down the players, the next CBA will be easier to handle.
  • Finally, Comcast may offer the NHL Network on its Classic Digital Channels lineup. Good news for some of us that have to pay extra for the network. Finally, Comcast doing something good for a change.

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