Friday, June 12, 2009

Cup Crazy... Take 2

At least one Cup will be awarded tonight. Both the NHL and AHL have games in which the Stanley Cup will be awarded and the Calder Cup could be awarded. Unlike last time, it will not happen in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins will battle it out at Joe Louis Arena in a series deciding game seven. At this point this game is a coin flip, the Penguins have a little momentum after keeping the Red Wings from lifting the Cup in their building for the second straight year. But the visiting team has had trouble getting the win, which favors the Red Wings. Either way, what a series!

What looked to be another domination effort by the Red Wings, the Penguins have done all they could to stay alive for a game seven. This entire post season we have seen some of the best hockey in the new NHL (since the new CBA).

In the AHL the Hershey Bears will try again to win the Calder Cup still up in their series 3 games to two against the Manitoba Moose. The Bears would have liked to have lifted the Calder Cup in their own building, but will have to win now on the road as the final two games in the series are in Winnipeg. This has been a goaltenders series as both the Moose goaltender Cory Schneider and Bears' Micheal Neuvirth have been outstanding for their teams.

The AHL series has also broke attendance records for the finals in both Hershey and Winnipeg. Through five games, just over 62,000 fans have watched the Bears and Moose duke it out. At tonight's game, the number will break the record set in 2003 in the series between Hamilton and Houston.

The Stanley Cup will be awarded, the Calder Cup might be. It is almost sad to see it all come to an end.

In the DC area, game seven in the Stanley Cup Finals will be on NBC channel 4. The Calder Cup Finals will not be televised here, but you can watch on line by going to and pay the "small" fee. Those in central PA will be able to watch the game, check your local listings.

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