Saturday, May 09, 2009

Early Morning Preview

If you think North America is going crazy about the Penguins/Capitals series, then imagine what they are thinking an ocean away in Russia. It is an article from our friend Slava Malamud who writes for Sport Express on the other side of the world (or if you Palin, just over there).

It is an interesting article as the Caps and Pens go at it again, just 24 hours from the drop of the puck in game 4. The Capitals are hoping for some home-ice help while the Penguins want to keep things rolling. It is a critical game for both teams.

In game four, Semyon Varlamov looked human. He allowed 5 goals on 28 shots and more than a few softies. Bruce Boudreau was asked if he was going to stay with the rookie goaltender for game 5. "As far as I'm concerned, yes," he responded.

We will wait to see if the league takes any action on Alex Ovechkin's hit knee-on-knee with Sergei Gonchar. The extent of Gonchar's injury is not known but he did not return to the game. If the league suspends him, that would be a big mistake. If they allowed Chris Kunitz to cross check Varlamov in the neck and just fine him, that should be the same punishment here. But you never know what they are thinking.

After the last three games were nationally broadcasted on NBC and Versus, Comcast Sportsnet took over the local area broadcast and stepped in to do a great job. Lately, both CSN and VS. have missed showing big play replays in favor of playing commercials. But Comcast in game four did okay. It was a bit comforting to hear Joe B. and Locker do the play by play and color.

Finally, this will be the last game Donald Brashear has to sit out. His six game suspension for hitting Blair Betts in game six in the Ranger series will run out after tonight's game 5. It might be a blessing to have the bruiser out there to keep the Pens honest. As much cheap things that are going on between both teams, maybe having an enforcer out there will help.

Don't forget, game tonight, 7 pm. If you are going to Verizon Center, expect a big crowd and allow plenty of time to get there. Expect delays on both the red line and orange lines on Metro as they are doing track maintenence. And watch where you park. I have had some friends get towed for not correctly reading the signs when they parked. It took 3 days before one of my friends got his ride back.

Let's Go Caps!

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