Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome To Game 5; Will They or Won't They?

Just got to Verizon Center and the Capitals' fans seem upbeat. A cautious upbeat.

The band is rocking out front and the green turtle is packed to capacity, the streets are running red with Caps' t-shirts and jerseys. The Caps were able to bring it back home to battle it out with their fans in their barn, but the feel is different than a year ago.

Even though down 3 games to 1 against Philadelphia, the Caps' faithful were certain it was going to seven games no doubt about it. But today there is just a different feel. Worried that the Ranger goaltender is just too hot for the Caps to cool down. Worried that the Ranger defense has bested the Capitals' aggressive forecheck. There are plenty to worry about for Caps fans who just want to see the boys go a bit farther.

Will Sean Avery even make the Ranger roster? Will the Caps make any changes to their lineup? I will be in the media booth for this one, and updating on Twitter. If you are so inclined to follow.

The affair should be a nasty one with Brooks Laich talking about flying bodies and hinting at more congestion in front of the net. The hungrier team should win tonight.

Rock the Red! Let's Go Caps!

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