Monday, April 27, 2009

Updates On Brash And Mo

More than likely Donald Brashear will be suspended and sit out Game 7. Not for his hit during the game, but for his altercation with Colton Orr during warm ups. Ever since Sean Avery mixed things up with Maple Leaf Jason Blake before the game even started, the league has taken a harsher stand against any player that causes a commotion before the game even begins.

As for the Shaone Morrisonn's alleged biting incident, I looked at the replay and at no time is Mo's mouth anywhere near Brandon Dubinsky's arm so much as the NBC broadcast showed. Assistant coach Jim Schoenfeld made the comment late in his press conference about Dubinsky getting a tetanus shot after being bitten by Mo. But reporters couldn't confirm the attack with players as most of them had already left.

Instead, Dubinsky's arm does look to get pinched between Mo and Ryan Callahan as he jumped into the fray to help out his teammate. Mo denied biting the Ranger forward.

Chris Clark could be available for Game 7. If Brash is sitting out, Clark could be a good replacement. Micheal Nylander could also come into the line up as well.

Update: Brash is set for a disciplinary hearing at 1pm today to decide if any suspension should be given for the pre-game altercation and/or the late hit on Blair Betts. Betts suffered a broken orbital bone and is finished for the rest of the playoffs.

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