Sunday, April 19, 2009


Some interesting quotes from yesterday's game.

"Obviously we couldn't get anything by him (Henrik Lunqvist), and the one we got by him hit the crossbar. It was probably the only one that beat him. Lundqvist had to make more saves than our guy, but it was a disappointing end to a great game for us." -Bruce Boudreau

"It's huge to have a lot of guys to block shots and sacrifice their bodies in a series like this, especially when you face so many good players that can shoot the puck. We had a lot of blocks in the first game, especially after faceoffs, and again they came up big on a couple that they had a pretty good shot opportunity. We did a lot of good things." -Henrik Lundqvist

"That commitment and ability to get down there and get in the way of an Ovechkin one-timer like Freddy (Sjostrom) did in the second; that shows how badly he wants it." -Chris Drury

"We make one mistake and they use it." -Alex Ovechkin

"The guy who shot the puck played it very well. I didn't really have a lot of chance to get it. It was right in the upper corner." -Simeon Varlamov (through an interpreter)

"We have to regroup and go on the road for two games. It's going to be a little uphill, but we still have chances. It's a best-of-seven, so we still have chances." -Nick Backstrom

"Anything can happen. We didn't lose the series here. Like our coach said, Carolina won the Stanley Cup and they lost two in a row before bouncing back. You never know what is going to happen. You never give up." -Alex Ovechkin talking about Carolina in 2006 who lost both of their home games before winning the series and later the Cup.

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