Monday, April 27, 2009

A Nastier Side

The Capitals have been accused of many things. Diving, hooking, slashing. But biting? In Game 6, Bradon Dubinsky was given a tetanus shot because Shaone Morrisonn bit him. He should probably get a rabies shot while he is at it.

Jim Schoenfeld made the comment at the end of his press conference. By that time, most players were already gone. No one could really confirm or deny the story through the players, but I am sure that will change today at Caps practice at Kettler.

The incident happened at 4:57 in the second period when Dubinsky hit Mike Green from behind that gave him 14 minutes in penalties. After Dubinsky's hit, Mo pushed him into the boards but it didn't look like his arm was attached to Mo's mouth at any time. It was just one instance where the Caps came to battle and the Rangers were grasping for excuses.

Donald Brashear was also involved in some controversy with his hit on Blair Betts. Betts had just thrown the puck into the Caps zone and turned to head toward the bench. Brashear hit him high with the shoulder. Each coach had a different opinion on the hit, Schoenfeld thought it was "vicious" while Boudreau called it a shoulder shot.

The hit laid out Betts who did not return and is questionable for Game 7. The hit did look a little late as Betts dumped the puck in, admired his good work and then turn right into Brashear's shoulder. Brash was finishing a check Betts had no idea he was apart of. We will see if the league takes any action on the incident.

Brash's antics started early as he shoved Colton Orr in warmups. Orr was a scratch for Game 6 so Brashear had to find a new dancing partner.

Unlike the first four games of the series the Caps have come out with a little more vinegar. It's pushed the momentum in the Capitals favor and the Rangers are trying to stop the bleeding. Sean Avery has sort of been that buffer between tough play and the Rangers' top performers, but with his benching in Game 5 and confused play in Game 6 it looks as if they were just not in sync.

If you want to add the incident at Verizon between Ranger head coach John Tortorella and a fan, that just goes to how nasty the Caps have gotten in this series. The Caps who rank lowest in the league for unsportsmanlike infractions through out the regular season. But this is the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's a whole new level of nasty.

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