Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Theodore Out (Flu), "Quiet" Night For Caps

Two important posts on the Capital Insider scrolled across my screen. One said that Jose Theodore will not be on the ice tonight due to the flu (must be one of those 24 hour flu's). Michal Neuvirth will be in net tonight to take on Carolina.

The second is Tarik's post on George McPhee's intentions for the rest of the evening. From the sound of things, the Caps are not looking to make a huge splash (at least tonight). Rather they are going to tweak here and there ensuring a return to the playoffs for some years.

Make sense, and it seems likely the Caps are not going to make any rash moves. Until the last minute when it seems McPhee is able to work his magic. Remember, it was just hours before the deadline when McPhee brought the trinity to Washington last season (Fedorov, Huet, and the holy Cook). He told everyone pretty much the same story he is telling us now:
Capitals General Manager George McPhee recently said (for the second time) that he's not anticipating making a major move. - Capital Insider, February 25, 2008. 9:48am.
Should make tomorrow a very interesting day (or a boring one) for Caps fans.

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