Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Caps Stay Quiet Through Trade Deadline

Last year the Washington Capitals made quite the splash bringing in the the trinity (Fedorov, Huet and the holy Cook). The move helped the team pull off an historic run to make the playoffs. But this year was different.

Whether it was due to their cap hit or the price of aquiring players, general manager George McPhee might have done the smartest thing and not do a thing. It was clear that McPhee wasn't going to give up three prospect players for Derek Morris in Phoenix, he wasn't going to give up the picks they have left and he wasn't going to make the rash move just to free up some space or get someone they don't really need.

The Capitals still have a very good team and this is the team that is going to take them to the playoffs and beyond. Right now, when they put some effort into it, the Caps have a solid first line and pretty good second line. Plus the Caps are deep on defense with prospects spilling over into the ECHL, and they talent they have should be enough to keep the Capitals in the hunt.

Part of the problem may have been the lack of teams to work with in the Western Conference. Only two teams considered themselves sellers at the deadline, the Colorado Avalanche and the Phoenix Coyotes. With the playoff race so tight in the west the Caps had little to work with if they wanted to make deals outside their conference.

It was rumored the Caps were in talks with the Islanders for Bill Guerin but for whatever reason that deal fell through. Guerin instead went to Pittsburgh. Other players the Caps had an interest in were either not for sale or the price was way to high for what McPhee was willing to deal with.

Micheal Nylander was rumored to be traded, but he has a no trade clause and I am sure Nylander shot down any offers from teams he didn't want to play with. Now Nylander plays out this season as a Capital.

Caps need to get this behind them and make the final push to the playoffs. They have a game tomorrow night against Toronto Maple Leafs. The passing of the deadline may cure their ills after they dropped their last two at home. Now it's time to get it going.

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