Sunday, March 22, 2009

Caps Lose It In Third Period

I have just finished a 17 hour road trip from DC to Rochester Minnesota. Needless to say, I am not really in any kind of mood to recap another tough loss for the Capitals. Thanks to my handy-dandy XM Radio, I was able to listen to the Carolina feed of the game.

It sounded like the Caps just could not cash in on their opportunities and the Hurricanes played tough on home ice. It does not matter whose building you play in, playing on the road in the NHL is a rough gig. The Capitals were victims of a raucous crowd and an energized home team.

The Caps' Southeast Division tour was a bit disappointing to say the least. Out of 8 possible points, the Caps only secure 4 before coming home for a quick practice then jetting up to Toronto to finish the 5 game road trip. After some sleep, I might be able to better analyze the loss and express my frustration a bit better.

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