Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Thank Hockey The Next Time You Fly"

Sometimes when someone finds out that I write a hockey blog, I get these random nuggets of hockey information from out of nowhere. Some people feel the need to show you they know the same or more about hockey than you. Annoying as it is, there are times when someone does give you a nugget that you have to stop and become intrigued.

Recently, a person did come up to me to spew her keen knowledge on hockey upon the knowledge that I have a blog about the Capitals.

"Did you know," random girl starts, "that Orville Wright was hit in the face with a hockey stick? You know the guy that invented flying?"

No, I didn't know that. Didn't dinosaurs, birds and kites beat us to the punch inventing flying?

Random girl continues, "Yea, he lost a bunch of teeth and it was so bad he was bed-ridden and he while he was in bed he read all about flying. So, you should thank hockey next time you fly."

Indeed. It turns out it was half true. It was actually Wilber Wright that was hit with a hockey stick in the mouth in the winter of 1885-1886. About 3 years before the institution of the Stanley Cup. According to Wikipedia, Wilber did lose his front teeth although the injuries were not that severe. He became more withdrawn during his recovery. He did some extensive reading which sparked his interest in flying. Orville dropped out of high school.

No word from the league whether or not there was a fine or suspension.

NHL Notes:
  • Back to the beginning, Brendan Shanahan agreed in terms with the New Jersey Devils. The Devils picked Shanahan No. 2 in 1987. Good for Shaney.

  • The KHL had their All-Star game in an outdoor game on Red Square in Moscow. You can watch the game on Universal Sports' website. The setting is a pretty unique and a very cool one. Although, the game was only played in front of 3,000 people. A hare shy of the 42,000 at Wrigley Field. Former Cap Ben Clymer had a goal and former Cap Jaromir Jagr had the game winner.

  • It's not a good time to be in management if you are with the Ottawa Senators. Things seem to be spiraling from bad to worse, and this time there is no goaltender controversy. Could the Senators be in line for a power shift before the All-Star game? If they do, it would be an eternity compared to Tampa Bay.

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