Friday, January 09, 2009

Some-Stars Game

All-Star. That word used to have some kind of meaning. Like, the best or the most talented. It was a team that was thought to be the best of each conference. A dream team of sorts. This year, it just seems all wrong. And the most talented players seem to be just getting a long weekend off instead of being center stage at the NHL All-Star game.

Part of the flaw is fans choosing the starting line ups. While it seems some players belong there, others don't just because they happen to play in Montreal. Because they are there, that leaves little room for anyone else to be named to the reserve list. If Alex Ovechkin was voted into the starting line up, then the door could have been opened for Mike Green, Alex Semin or Nick Backstrom to be there. Green has to be in the top 6 defensemen in the Conference (if not the league). As it is, it will only be Ovi there for the Capitals.

It didn't seem to be a problem when it came to the Bruins. Zdeno Chara, Marc Savard and Tim Thomas were named even though there is not a single Bruin on the starting line up. Boston maybe first in the Eastern Conference, but Washington is second, and there is only room for Ovi.

As flawed as the NHL All-Star voting process might be, it would be a bigger mistake taking the fans out of the equation. Yes, it's hard to deal with the unemployed Montreal slugs who have nothing to do all day but vote for their "All-Stars." Maybe voting multiple times should come to an end. One fan, one vote. That would make some think more carefully at who their selection might be.

I don't think Caps fans are in a position to whine too much. The Capitals do have the best record through 41 games in franchise history and the fans get to see their All-Stars for every home game. Who needs an All-Star game in Montreal when you could be raising a Cup at the phone booth.

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