Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not A "Game Recap" Recap

Capitals 5, Islanders 2
Scoresheet - Wash Post

To be honest, I didn't see most of the game. You can blame DC shutting down just about every road during afternoon rush and the small spattering of rain that turns DC drivers into idiot bumper car deviants. Match that with other commitments and I was a bit tied up tonight.

Having said that, the parts I did see showed that Sami Lepisto did not have a good game, Alex Ovechkin did a disappearing and reappearing act (also apparently you can board Andy Sutton, who knew?), Micheal Nylander worked his butt off after being called up for the first line (he might have been working too hard), Tomas Fleischmann would have had a goal if someone just pass the stupid puck, and Donald Brashear got the game winning goal.

Feel free to add your own commentary. Once I see the whole game, maybe I will be more comprehensive (if I am up for it). Until then, enjoy the some highlights from

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