Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crazy Week

Sean Avery has to be the biggest loud mouth in the league in some time. His recent comments have landed him in some hot water. As much as I love characters in the NHL, he did cross a line using the media for his trash talking that had really no bearing on the game itself.

What is even more disturbing is Avery thought it was funny while he was doing it. The way he looked as he was delivering his line in front of the camera, you knew he was holding back his laughter. While trash talking is part of the game, Avery seems to take it to a new low (much like his antics on the ice).

Avery has since apologized for the comment, and he will face a pretty hefty suspension for his bone-head move. He claims he was just "creating some excitement" for the game.

NHL Notes:

Also this week Carolina dismissed Peter Laviolette just to hire Paul Maurice back to the organization. Hmm, most winning American-born coach and a Stanley Cup Champion coach or a coach that is under .500 for his career with Toronto and Carolina?

The Southeast Division is turning out to be the weakest division in the NHL again. Tampa and Atlanta seem to be tripping over each other for last place in the league. Florida is still on the outside looking in, and Carolina is hovering in that 8th spot (a place where the Capitals could be if they relinquish the lead in the Southeast). In every division there is at least one team with 30 or more points except for the Southeast.

And what is with interviews being done on the bench after the game and being played back on the PA system in the arena? What is the point of doing the interview out in the open when you could do it back in the locker room where there is less chance of feedback or suffer through long pauses as both the player and the interviewer realize that is what they sound like on the arena's sound system? I would like to know what the player has to say, and most times it is indistinguishable through the arena's system. Just an observation.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Stars are going to dump him - personally I think they should have let Iginla and Phaneuf take care of him. Go CAPS!