Saturday, November 22, 2008

Third Jerseys, Nylander Trade Talk

In the NHL, the "in" thing to do is make a third jersey. Personally, I am kind of glad the Capitals are sticking with just the two. I really only see two reasons for teams to go the third jersey route, revenue and revenue. Other than that, the jersey is just a jersey.

Before the days of the flying eagle and the dome with crisscross hockey sticks, the Capitals only had two jerseys; home and away. Now every team wants to have a third jersey which never made sense to me as a fan. Third jerseys are like a fade, a crazy what if.

Hey, I used to place playing cards on the wheels of my bike with clothes line pins to improve my bike. After awhile I realized it didn't improve my bike. It turns out my bike was just a bike whether it had the playing cards on or not, it was just louder. A team is just a team no matter what they wear. A third jersey is not going to guarantee a playoff spot.

Clarification. If a team uses their third jersey as a retro jersey, then surprisingly I am okay with that. Buffalo, Edmonton and the Islanders have introduced third jerseys that are throwbacks from the day, all of which I liked. If you think about it, their current jerseys would be the third jersey.

I don't consider myself an traditionalist by any means, but there is just something about heritage in the logo you started out with that I am partial too. I still like the vintage Caps' jersey. The blue pants with the stars down the side. Now that the Caps are back in red, white and blue, I do like the modernization of the logo and love they are back in the colors they started with.

The San Jose Sharks will be sporting their third jersey tonight when they face off with the Capitals. The Caps will be in their same ol' white road jerseys.

Trade talks seem to continue about a possible exchange concerning the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals for Micheal Nylander. Since management is pretty mum here, most of these reports have been coming out of the Windy City.

The Blackhawks reportedly were considering putting newly acquired Cristobal Huet on waivers to make room for Nylander. While that might be fun to speculate, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense on the Blackhawks behalf. I am almost certain if Huet hits the waivers, he will be picked up by a team in need of a goaltender of his stature. Seems like a lose, lose for Chicago.

Nylander/Brent Johnson for developing player/Huet? Hmm.

NHL Notes:

The Boston Bruins are quickly becoming a very scary team to face. They have been climbing up the standings and now find themselves tied for first in the East with the Rangers (who have two more games played than Boston). The Bruins are first the Conference with goals for with 66, the Capitals second with 64.

The Southeast Division maybe a race between just two teams. It seems Carolina and Washington have pulled to a 3 and 3 and a half game lead respectively over the rest of the division. It's too early to rule out the remaining three, but I wouldn't be surprised if the 'Canes and Caps finish in the top two.

Contract talks have started with Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Are fans in Toronto sure they want an American running the team? I guess the resounding answer is yes.

It's not hockey, but it's played on ice and in full pads. Close enough. It's Red Bull Crashed Ice where you go down a rather steep ramp of ice that curves and banks, beating out four other competitors to win a Red Bull (there is a video of it on the site). It will be held in Quebec City January 24, '09. Since it doesn't look like it takes much skill, I took the liberty of signing up JP and DC Sports Chick for the competition. Good luck!


Cruel Britannia said...

You joke, but if I could get to Quebec and qualify, I would TOTALLY skate that.

Garrett said...

It's open to Canadian residents only, at least the form won't let you sign up if you are from the states. I wrote them an email so I should get an answer whether or not anyone state side can register, as long as you make it to the qualifing rounds in a number of Canadian cities. Otherwise, sign me up too!