Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hunter Love From Cherry

Since a new feature this year on NHL network is the broadcast of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, my wife has just about had it up to here with hockey already. Needless to say, I pick my Saturday nights to get a peek at what we are missing state side.

Last night, Toronto gave mad props to Wendel Clark and the Maple Leafs got off to a fast start. What I am really waiting for is the Coach's Corner with Don Cherry. Cherry did his normal rant as he does every Saturday night, but he took an interesting turn when he talked about Andrew Ference playing on a broken leg.

"Dale Hunter did even better," Cherry recalled. "Dale Hunter in Quebec going into the playoffs had a broken leg like [Ference] and he had two screws in it. The doctors told him, 'Dale, you can't play anymore, the screws have come loose in your leg.' ... You know what Dale did? Played the whole [series] and played great with two screws [rattling] around like that."

Then came the kicker: "Not only that, [Hunter had] like twelve hundred points and he tied with the "Rocket" [Maurice Richard] ... with four overtime goals and he is not being considered for the Hockey Hall of Fame. That's ridiculous."

Oh Don Cherry, you made a lot of Caps fans very happy with your rant. And on a night where two greats were being honored in Patrick Roy and Wendel Clark, Cherry had to bring up good ol' Hunter. I knew I always like Don, crazy suits or not.

Actually Dale Hunter had 1020 career points regular season and 118 points just in the NHL playoffs. His number is already in the rafters at the phone booth.

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