Monday, November 03, 2008

The Blame Game

Oh, I get it...the Caps took Saturday off instead of Sunday.

Saturday's 5-0 loss to Buffalo equates to sipping Mai Tais by the pool (with Garrett), so Sunday will consist of skating until your lungs explode.

I both appreciate and am amused by the logic, although I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate.

We already know that Saturday's game against the Sabres was disappointing. More than once, an offensive effort broke down into what I can only describe as a "now what?" moment. We seemed confused: a few ginger passes around the crease, an ill-advised shot, a mass rush to the net in an effort to jam something in...messy. But can this only be attributed to a lack of effort? What about less than ample preparation? Team frustration? Coaches, aren't those your buckets?

Sunday's grueling session may have been as much about coaches tightening up as getting through to the players. Ted Leonsis was also at the session to show his support and concern. This should send a reassuring message to fans: what happened Saturday is not acceptable, and we should not expect it to become a habit.

So, will it? We'll find out tomorrow, when the Caps (no longer sans Ovi) play the Senators in Ottawa.

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