Friday, October 31, 2008


I did this about a year ago, mixing the latest NHL news with scary titles for the top 5 scary things. It was such a great success that I thought, what the heck, let's do it again.

1. Montreal's "psycho" penalty killing. The Habs killed (with their bare hands... er hockey sticks) 10 penalties as they beat the Minnesota Wild. It's impressive as the "Wicked" Wild have cooled a bit after such a fast start. "Creepy" Carey Price made 28 saves as the "Headless" Habs keep themselves first in the Northeast Division.

2. Brenden "Spooky" Shanahan is still looking for a team. But his salary would have to be severely slashed if he wants to join any team that is up against the salary cap.

3. Adam "Marauder" Mair gets a hefty fine for going where he shouldn't. After a heated Buffalo/Ottawa game, Mair just couldn't let it stay on the ice. He walked over to the visiting locker room to continue some conversation with Chris "Noose Man" Neil. It cost him $2,500 for his little visit. I don't see what the big deal was, obviously he was just going over to make dinner reservations.

4. Zach "Boogie Man" Bogosian will be out with a broken leg. News the Atlanta Thrashers think is pretty scary as they get off to another sluggish start. Bogosian, who was one of the bright spots for the Dizzy Birds, will be out indefinitely.

5. Finally, the scariest news of all. The Montreal Canadians might have just been duped after allowing a prospect return to Russia to attend to family matters and his name shows up on a website that he has signed a contract with the KHL. Didn't the Caps just let Ovi go back? Uh-oh. That is scary! Some one hold me.

Have a safe and happy Halloween! May there be more treats than tricks.

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