Friday, September 12, 2008

So It Begins

The weekend of all weekends. Rookies report to camp tomorrow and their first practice is bright and early at 10:30 am Sunday. Hockey is back in DC. There are some obvious players to look out for in this rookie camp like Karl Alzner (favorite to make the team) and Oskar Osala.

But someone who was not on the roster in July for the development camp but will be here this weekend would be Anton Gustafsson. We didn't get a chance to see the offspring of former Cap Begnt Gustafsson for injury reasons. While it will be a stretch to see Gustafsson on the team or going to Hershey, it will be a very important camp for him to make an impression on management.

It also exactly a week away from the big boys taking the ice for the official start to (big voice here) Training Camp 2008. A start to a promising season, if the fireworks carry over summer. It's a season of high expectations and camp is the first start to be playoff bound for a second season in a row.

It seems that most of my readers (based on the small poll on the right) are looking forward to see how Jose Theodore will fare. The goaltending situation seems pretty straight forward, Theodore the starter Brent Johnson the back up. But don't say that to Johnny. He is looking at this as a competition for the number one spot. Which can be a good thing.

A full roster of the rookies should be out later today.

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asnowballschance said...

Woohoo! Finally some uplifting news in the DC area sports teams. I've looked forward to this season since we were ousted by Filthadelphia!