Monday, September 15, 2008

Slow Start For Me

Okay, I have been procrastinating going to Kettler to watch the rookie camp. But this week looks to be a very busy week for me. So I encourage you to check out guys like On Frozen Blog and Peerless. And I will try to get out to some practices in the near future.

And if you wanted to know about other teams development camps, the NHL network has been broadcasting (through TSN I think) the rookie tournaments in Traverse City. Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild (there might be more, that is all I saw) have been playing games pitting their rookies up with each other. While it's only rookie and development players and the lighting at the rink is pretty bad, it's still pretty interesting to watch.

Only other news that has hit me was Alex Ovechkin checking out the Washington Mystics. Apparently he got a pretty good response when his face was flashed on the scoreboard.

Also I got a chance to check out the new Nationals stadium Monday night. It was my first time there and let me say, it certianly shows that they put a pretty penny into it. I love how the staduim is not overbearing, much like FedEx Field is. It's a very nice, intimate stadium. Well done.

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