Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perreault And Carlson Sent Down

John Carlson was sent back to his junior squad and Mathieu Perreault was sent to Hershey. The forwards list is starting to get tighter, but the defensemen roster is still pretty beefy, which could be a sign of they are not sure which direction they might be headed in defensive pairs.

Chris Bourque continues to make the decision to send him down more difficult after netting two points against Boston which included the game winner. While he has been my dark horse for making the team some 3 years running now, it's not likely he will take any contract players position as the lineups in preseason turn more veteran.

Simeon Varlamov is apparently injured, first I read about it. He tweaked his groin in the second Carolina game. Bruce Boudreau is taking it easy on him, but I am surprised they haven't sent him down. It could be the fact that he could get better treatment here. Maybe.

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