Friday, September 05, 2008

I Was Promised Hockey

Bored, bored, bored. I see other bloggers typing away at their keyboards scrambling to put up stuff I just don't want to read and could care less about. Let's not get into mainstream media either. I am just ready for the crunch of the ice, the smell of sweat on the equipment, the flashy bright colors contrasting with the white ice. Let's go already.

The election season has gone on for far too long now and the bitching between the KHL and the NHL seems to be reaching a feverish pitch (entertaining but not very interesting). I would rather see the boys on the ice.

I am looking forward to spring training to see the Capitals form a collective. I want to see this team prove that last year was no fluke. That they have the potential to go deep in the playoffs and sustain their good fortunes in the years to come.

These last two weeks seem unbearable. I found myself debating with friends over the Redskins. I never talk shop about the 'Skins. For two reasons, one, I am just a casual watcher and two, football isn't a sport I am overly knowledgable about. Maybe a tough year for the Skins could mean more support for the Caps. Of course I say that every year and it never happens.

I am tired of watching youtube craziness on players or reading about worthless stats from a year ago or probable salary cap scenarios. I am just ready for hockey.

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asnowballschance said...

$kin$ $uck. Plain and $$$$$imple. Being from NY, They looked lost against the G-Men at times who didn't even play their average best either! No wonder football is so boring and mindless.