Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crowd Pours In At Kettler

Doors opened a little early and already there is quite a crowd. Looking at the stands, I say it's about half full. So far I have seen one Flyers jersey. I guess they do know how to use the internet.

I can't update during the game. It will drain my cell phone. But if something amazing happens, I might.

UPDATE: Okay maybe a quarter full now that I am on the other side of the rink.

UPDATE: As of 2:20 pm the stands now look half full. Exciting I know.

UPDATE: Caps and Flyers are warming up. Both are dressed in game uniforms, Caps their home red, Flyers in their away whites. Nuevirth is not dressed. Slapshot is here per usual. He has already alienated what looks to be the only Flyer fan here.

UPDATE: End of the first. Caps 2, Flyers 0. Bouchard and Morin are the goalscorers, both on the power play. Varlamov made an incredable glove save right at the end. Storyline so far is the Caps speed and talent vs. the Flyers size and physicality. The hitting is pretty intense and is leading to a plethora of penalities. Start of the second, Holtby is in net.

Update: End of second, Caps 4, Flyers 0. The power play continues to payoff. Morin scores his second power play goal, Pinizzotto scored as well on the PP. As a result, the Flyers are getting chippy. We had our first fight, Dovgan took on Flyer Josh Beaulieu. It was a good bout, the crowd loved it. The crowd is pretty into the game. A few "Flyers Suck" chants, and standing and cheering at every Caps score. Start of Third, Nuevirth is in net.

Update: Caps win 7 - 0. Bouchard scores on a beauty deke. Lacroix scored at even strength. I will do a complete wrap when I get to a Computer and take some meds.

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