Friday, August 15, 2008

Red Hot

If you needed confirmation that the Caps are a hot ticket, the Washington Post's story today is all about the ticket sales. It turns out getting a Caps seat to a game is going to be harder than previous years. Even with prices going up 10% (to cover cost for gas, I guess), the Caps have been able to sign up 3800 new season ticket holders. Not too shabby.

It just validates that this team seems to heading in the right direction. And whether you believe the rumors or not, the Caps' roster seems to be lining up to be an Eastern Conference power house. But we already knew that. Looks like the lines for beer and hot dogs are just getting longer.

Also in other Caps' news, looks like the national viewership will be able to take in some Caps' games several times this season. Versus will pick up 7 games and the NBC broadcast will have their choice of 4 dates to choose from. Not to mention the 6 times the Caps will appear on Canadian national television. Just about everyone wants to see the Capitals at some point next season.

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