Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NHL Grab Bag

What is more frustrating than not getting news in the slowest stretch of the off season is not hearing from your friendly bloggers.

The NHL is celebrating the 20th year anniversary of the Wayne Gretzky trade from Edmonton to Los Angeles. Apparently this trade changed the landscape of hockey forever. But mostly it added the vernacular "If they can trade Gretzky..." to GM's cliche bag. An easy way to explain off big player trades for sure. From what I can remember about this trade was the big press conference in LA when Gretzky stepped down some stairs and waived at the masses of Kings' fans. It was also the start of the black and silver look that just about every one adored at the time. Hey, even I had a Kings t-shirt for awhile after that. Of course I was still in jr. high. My, how time flies.

I don't think that Mats Sundin will ever come to a decision on what he wants to do. His August 1st deadline came and went and I think more people are more confused now then ever before. Does he want to stay in Toronto? Will he sign up with the Canadiens? Are the Canucks a viable option? If a guy states an opinion in the middle of the woods with no women around, is he still wrong?

Chris Clark may look to be back in the saddle by September. Tarik caught up with the injured Capital forward in the post today. Sounds like he is progressing nicely.

Finally, from of the files of "Do we really care? No, probably not"... Rick DiPietro is now free of his knee brace which is good news for Islander fans.

Want to beat the heat? Go ice skating at your local rink! It's gonna be fun!

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