Friday, August 08, 2008

Are You Excited For The Olympics?

It only happens every 4 years, how could you not? I was in the process of dumping every program out of my Tivo to catch all the Olympic goodness that will be spewing across my screen over the next couple of weeks as the XXIX games of the Olympiad will be held in Beijing China.

I know that many of my fellow countrymen (and women) will be more interested in the medal count. Which is fine for the United States, Russia, China and other big countries (albeit a bit shallow). But the real excitement for me will be the story lines behind the action and the drama of a good competition.

Like in 1992, when Derek Redmond pulled a muscle but he and his dad finished the race. Who didn't shed a tear for that? Or Kerri Strug's improbable stuck landing on a bum ankle, Olympic magic. Those are the kinds of events that move me to tune in every 4 years and geeking out about gymnastics, track and field and even fencing.

It doesn't have to result in a gold medal, but it does show how big a heart an athlete has to compete and overcome whatever challenges face them.

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