Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Witt Stays On The Island; Scrimmage Today

Brendan Witt resigns a two year $6 million contract with the New York Islanders. I guess that ends all the talk of getting him to resign here.

Today marks the first day of scrimmages at the Kettler for their development camp. The intrasquad scrimmage will be at 3:30 this afternoon and is (as always) open to the public. I was assured that the players will be in sweaters that will don their names on the back, so we can kind of grasp who else is at camp besides those on the public roster.

It should be a bigger crowd too, one more knowledgable about hockey and the Caps in general then what I have encountered in the past two days, I hope. The crowd has been pretty light, except for all the bloggers (Peerless, OFB, CI, PHT). Which is funny, I haven't run into any of these guys there. Well to be honest, I am not sure what they look like. There should be a blogger corner somewhere at Kettler.

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