Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NHL Network To The Rescue

Sitting at my comfy "blogging chair," I was literally ripping at my face with my fingers as I look through the NHL news on just about every site I can think of. Is it really this slow? Yes, it is. With Shaone Morrisonn's hearing not scheduled until Thursday (yes it's this Thursday) and the likelihood that it will happen means for the next few days there is not much to talk about.

God bless the bloggers and writers, they are trying. But with no one playing hockey, and the August summer winds are nearly at our backs it seems everything has ground to a halt. Thank goodness for the NHL Network.

As I stare blankly at site after site on my laptop, 7 pm rolls around and NHL Network starts replaying game 1 of the Capitals/Flyers series from last spring. And it was the TSN broadcast to boot. Nothing against CSN Washington, they did a great job. But it's nice to hear a third party call the game and TSN did a great job of talking about both the Capitals' and Flyers' storylines.

Crisis adverted. My hockey fix is satisfied as I still yell at the Matt Cooke penalty, the missed call on Marty Biron playing the puck in the forbidden zone, and jumped up and down when Mike Green buried two goals to tie and Alex Ovechkin sneaky steal to win the game. Dang that was a good game.

The NHL Network will be replaying the whole series for the remainder of the week. Yeah me! As long as the news is slow, I can now take a more rational look at the series that almost was won by those boys of winter. Just a fix for a Caps fan that still can't wait for next season.

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I'm going to be doing roundhouse kicks in my living room.