Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Morrison Signs

It's sneaky I know, but Brendan Morrison has signed with the Anaheim Ducks. Not Shaone Morrisonn who is still, as far as we know, going to arbitration. I figured I would take a page from JP's book of tricks.

The topic of conversations of Caps fans attending the development camp at Kettler seemed centered around how to sign more free agents, even though Uncle Ted was pretty clear that they were not going to do much else on the free agent front (for now anyway). But these were some of the conversations overheard as I watched the Caps' future run through Bruce Boudreau's drills.

"Brian Potheir should retire so we can sign Sergei Fedorov and another hard nose defenseman."

Potheir still has a contract, and is a good talent. But head injuries aren't something you just get over. Just ask Eric Lindros.

"We have so much cap space, I don't see what the deal is? Let's get a gritty center."

Sure the Capitals have plenty of cap space. But what is the total amount that Uncle Ted is willing to put up? No one really knows.

That is the one thing that sort of grinds me about the cap, everyone just assumes the money is there. But for teams like St. Louis, Calgary and even Washington don't always have the funds to make the cap limit. Besides why would you as a GM back your team into a corner against the cap and not be able to move or deal players that aren't preforming. Then your stuck with a cap limit of bad players.

"We should get Peter Bondra back."

Hey, I am all for bringing back Rod Langway too, but that's the past. Bondra is RETIRED. Which means he doesn't play anymore. I am not saying that I don't like Bondra, but move on people.

"Why didn't we offer anything to Jaromir Jagr?"

Are you serious?

Now these are all the Caps' so called hard core fans (I mean most of them took the day off work just to watch some young talent that may never see a day in the NHL). Still I am surprised that some fans are still peeved about the rebuild and the slow march to get to this point. I fear that the Caps' nation won't be satisfied until the Cup comes to DC. Even then their will be some that want more.

What I have also noticed, some fans seem to be having amnesia when it comes to the reasons why the Caps blew up their roster before the lockout. That plan, that seem a big risk then, now seems to be paying off. But for some fans, it's just not happening fast enough.

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Anonymous said...

Jagr? Really people? Good riddance! Like you said, you'll never make certain people happy...team has done an outstanding job with the rebuild so far.