Friday, July 11, 2008

Light News

Not much going on this morning. I did notice that it seemed Tampa fans are a bit blush about Lightning owner Len Barrie's comments about winning the Southeast Division. Bruce Boudreau had a pretty snappy comeback:
"We just hope to be in second place because Tampa says they're going win the division," Boudreau said. "So if we play good enough to get to second place, we'll be happy."
Well on the St. Pete Times website, it seems not all fans shared their owner's feelings. Some highlighted fan responses: owner who craves the lime light he couldn't earn as a player. One thing Torts got right -- it's the guys on the ice who win and lose games. The guys in the suits are just witnesses.

--This is Boudreau's kindly way of telling you to get an attitude adjustment before you make any more of a fool of yourself.

--I actually think its Boudreau who should shut his yap. He's been blabbing since last year, and he hasn't even coached a full NHL season. Give me a break, go take you team past round 1 of the playoffs before you speak Boudreau.

Okay, maybe not all Bolt fans are turning against their owner.

As for the Caps' fans they should consider themselves lucky. In Carolina this is a first:
The Carolina Hurricanes will host the Canes Summer Fun Fest at the RBC Center on Thursday, July 24 at 6 p.m. Admission and parking are free and there will be plenty to do for the whole family, including street hockey, various interactive inflatables and live music. Food will be offered at discount prices and we will re-live the famous "Miracle at Molson" game at 9 p.m. Hurricanes players and coaches are scheduled to appear.

Yup, their first ever fun fest or whatever they call it. Caps have been doing fan fests at the drop of a hat for various reasons. Consider yourself pretty lucky. Remember, Carolina was the organization that upped the ticket prices the moment they won the Stanley Cup, which turned away some long time season ticket holders who could no longer afford the new prices. I guess now they are trying to warm up to them again.

Some good news, the NHL has reached an agreement with the Russian Hockey League to stop the luring of players from either side with big money contracts. This may be the first step to help both leagues to realize their full potential with out busting the bank.

The Cap's development camp continues today, but there is no scrimmage scheduled. It looks like it will be a light skate for both groups and some early shut eye for the fan fest tomorrow. Since both the blue team and white team have won games, Saturday's game should be pretty exciting to break the scrimmage series tie.

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