Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Laich Signs (Updated)

Brooks Laich was just signed to a 3 year contract with the Capitals. More details to come.

Per, the Caps may have just signed Sergei Fedorov as well to a one year $4 million contract.

Update: Details via Corey at ITR:
[Brooks Laich's] deal is for $6.3 million. He will make $1.7 million this year, $2.1 the next and $2.4 in 2010-11 with the cap hit being $2.1 million each season. By signing him to a three-year pact, the Caps were able to buy out one year of unrestricted free agency.
As far as Fedorov goes, there were rumors the two-way forward was going to resign with the Capitals. Although the club has not yet made it official.

I tried to contact Shaone Morrisonn's people to no avail. Last I knew from his camp he was going to go through arbitration.

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asnowballschance said...

So will Shaone Morrisonn stay a Cap?

Also, fan fest is this Saturday!!