Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's Comcastic!


Really? Did Comcast Sportsnet drop the ball again? On a big free agency day, the Wizards got their props, but not a single story, teaser, any comment on the Washington Capitals and their free agency. Did DC media just take 5 huge steps backward since the love fest in April?

Apparently so. The Caps play in the District too, and they have some pretty important news going on today with free agency and all. Caps fans are starved for news judging by the numbers of those coming to my corner of the internet. I understand if you can't get GMGM on camera, but Tarik looks good in HD. You could do a phoner with Green or some agents. Or, at the very least acknowledge that the Capitals exist and that free agency is today at noon.

That's Comcrapstic! Why did I ever change the channel from the NHL Network?

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asnowballschance said...

tsn.ca reports the Caps have re-signed Green for 4yrs at $5.25m per. Now will focus on Huet.