Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Huet Gone, Kolzig Gone, Welcome Jose

The goaltender situation just couldn't get ironed out. Cris Huet wanted a longer contract, George McPhee was only going to give him 3 years. The result, Huet makes the move to Chicago for a 4 year, $22 million contract. And the Capitals felt they had no choice but to pick up what they could.

Jose Theodore comes to Washington with a so-so career record. Plus the Capitals got him for a deal, 2 years, $9 million contract. Theodore did play well in the first round of the playoffs last season, and helped his team make the second round, a fact that Huet did not. Theodore should bring some of that calm butterfly demeanor to the Caps net. Let's hope he got that hair thing all figured out.

Huet seemed the perfect fit, but the hold up was 1 year. McPhee offered 3, Huet wanted 4. As a result Olie Kolzig signs a one year contract with the Lightning. Wha? Kolzig was rumored to head to Ottawa, to sort of settle things down goaltender wise. But the move to Tampa actually makes sense. They will use him in conjuction with Mike Smith, and when Smith's game starts to get in consistent bring in Olie.

The market apparently wasn't very kind to Kolzig. Who could only muster a mere one year, $1.5 million contract. Leaving his future very much in question. Will his competive nature help the Lightning or hurt them? Is Kolzig past his prime? We will have to wait to see. It will be interesting to see the Caps play against their former team leader. Kolzig will definitely be in a back up capacity with the contract he signed. Maybe even a back up, back up capacity, don't forget Karri Ramo.

Will Thoedore's contract give Simeon Varlamov the time he needs? Is he a good enough goaltender to get the Caps back to the playoff landscape? Is he healthy enough? Much of these questions will haunt Caps fans for the off season. Let's hope good things are to come.

Update: according to Tarik:

I just heard from a source that Huet asked the Caps for three years, $15 million and the Caps offered it to him. But Huet told them he wanted test the market today and see what might be out there. Now it's looking like he'll sign a four year deal with Chicago for $5.6 million per.

Did GMGM jump the gun thinking Huet wasn't going to sign?

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DMG said...

What we're being told now is that Huet demanded 15 million for 3 years, was offered it, and then decided to see what the market would bear.

After getting his 22/4 contract offer from Chicago he asked the Caps to match and they (wisely) refused. I think McPhee made the right choice in bringing in Thedore rather than letting himself get jerked around by Huet