Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Green Will Stay A Cap (updated)

For another 4 years. Mike Green gives the green light to a 4 year $21 million contract that will pay the defenseman a modest $5.25 million a year. Consider this a steal, since many were discussing Green signing for no less than $6 - $7 million. Green will talk with reporters via phone conference at noon.

GMGM's comments on the signing:

“Mike has developed into an impact defenseman in the short time since we drafted him, and he will be a key part of our team moving forward. We look forward to his further contributions as we continue to improve the hockey club.”

But cap space will be squeezed with others that need to be signed. With Green locked up, whose next? Huet?

Now we will have more adventures like these to look forward to.


asnowballschance said...

i just posted this on your previous post :-)

Garrett said...

I know I saw, Thanks. I was actually stuck in traffic and literally ran to the computer to update!

asnowballschance said...

i'm stoked albeit its a bit more than anyone envisioned dollars per year wise, i like this deal.

asnowballschance said...

caps sign theodore for 2yrs, amount undisclosed.