Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fedorov's Big Loan

What would an elite hockey player that has collectively gathered $68 million in his previous two NHL contracts need a mere $2 million for? Not sure, but it seems Sergei Fedorov's past caught up with him in D.C. A bank in Michigan is suing the two way forward for $2,108,405.66 plus lawyer and court fees. No one seems to know what the loan is for. Fedorov will make $4 million in a one year contract with the Capitals. Is this one of those Uncle Ted clean ups? I wouldn't be surprised to see this just sort of melt away by training camp.

Former Capital Brian Willsie found a new home in Colorado. It's homecoming of sorts for the forward that was claimed off waivers from the Avalanche by the Capitals at the beginning of the '03-'04 season. Willsie was then traded to LA in '06 for draft picks during the "rebuild." Willsie signed a one year contract.

Kris Beech will stay a Penguin signing one year contract with Pittsburgh. Beech, a seventh overall pick by the Capitals, will help with the depth at center for the Pens, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is used sparingly.

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