Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Developing Day 2

The morning started with some time trials. Basically they set up some timing equipment and had the first group skate as hard as they could in different situations. There was the straight fast skate. Timed how fast from a dead stop, so on and so forth.

Since I could only get to the morning session, that was what I mostly saw. They did clean the ice and do some more drills after that, but I didn't stick around long. One thing I did notice was Bruce Boudreau's intensity during drills. He likes his drills done full speed and loves to let some of the players keep going. Sometimes screaming, "Put it in!"

It was my first look at Francois Bouchard. He is one of the dark horses to make the team. He looked like he was in good shape to me and has fill out some since a year ago. He is still fast and still has some good hands.

While the goaltenders didn't take part in the speed trials, they got their work out later when they started doing drills. Braden Holtby spent some time in front of me. He did okay, goes down a little early, but looked okay. He is no where near where Michal Neuvirth and Simeon Varlomov are, but he has some good basics down. I got some pics, but I am no expert so I apologize for the many out of focus shots.
Francois Bouchard during the time trials.

Dan Dunn makes the save.

Braden Holtby prepares for more shots.

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