Sunday, July 13, 2008

Controversy Brews

Yesterday I caught this on OFB:

Prompting this response from Uncle Ted:
We need the revenues to pay for the huge increase in player payroll. We will develop this team in the best manner possible and we will not offend anyone. This effort is one that is fairly consistent across the league and across sports.

But when you grow a payroll like we have, a team must develop all available sources of income. It is the nature of the business. I am hopeful that people will give it a chance but we are moving forward with this effort. I am a family man with a wife and a daughter. I promise we will not offend anyone with the Capital Spirit team.

Prompting a response from Caps nation:
--Do anything else! Heck, put advertisements on the back of my chair. Give me sponsored napkins when i buy my chicken fingers. Just not this!

--I’m not big on the idea. It’s probably a by-product of working for the government for 32 years and listening to boundless sexual harassment and hostile work environment diatribes. Honestly, I pay my money to watch NHL ice hockey and root for the Caps. I don’t really want to watch the “Hooter girls” at the hockey games.

--I hate seeing the NHL going to the pole, the stripper pole. Why do we need women with half tops? Hello? I think a group of people with thick black glasses, long hair and “Chiefs” jerseys would do a much better job of getting the crowd going.

Prompting this response from me:

I could care less if they want to do cheerleaders of if they don't want to do cheerleaders. It's not like I am going to go to the game to see the girls dance around. If the organization feels it needs to make more revenue by getting cute girls to prance around, fine. But it should not be a distraction from the game, which I doubt it will.

As far as those who have brought up the point that there are no cheer girls at college and high school hockey games obviously have never been to Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan and Colorado. Many high school teams have a cheer team in these hockey heavy areas, just because they don't here doesn't mean that is the standard nationwide.

The only annoying thing that will happen will be the television broadcasts that will do a shot of one of the girls after every goal. As far as during the game, the less I see them the better.

What do you think?

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asnowballschance said...

what is creepy is that these girls only need to be in hs or a ged. why not get some of them fine college women in the area instead?