Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Are We There Yet?

When you have a good thing going, everyone wants to be a apart of it. Just ask Graham Mink in his brand new blog:
Anyone that has been following the Washington organization the past year knows that they are one of the up and coming teams in the league with a lot of positive energy surrounding them. Their rebuilding efforts over the last couple of years are finally paying off now that they have the right pieces in place. Having played for Coach Boudreau for the 05/06 season I know that this years Caps will be a very competitive team that will love to play every night and that will be fun to watch. I am also looking forward to seeing several old friends and teammates who are still with the organization. Seeing all of the great players that have signed on with Wash/Hershey for next season I know that regardless of which team I play for they will be a contender for a Championship.

The Capitals now seem to have the most exclusive club in the league. Now that they have hit the salary cap ceiling and a bit beyond. One very good way of telling the value of a particular organization is what those are saying from the inside out. And Mink's been around long enough to realize a good thing is happening here in DC.

What makes this club intriguing to the rest of the world is they seemed to come from nowhere. But as most of us bloggers and Caps fans, we have been enjoying watching this crop cultivate into the buzz of the league. To see that growth and explosion into maturity happen in a single season has us rabid for more.

With a roster that is now pretty tight, it's looks like some of the younger players will have to wait their turn in Hershey. Not that the Bears are complaining much. And in case of injuries, players like Karl Alzner, Francois Bouchard and Oskar Osala will continue to develop in Chocolate Town. Until the trade deadline anyway, were cap limits will no longer matter.

With a team that is nearly already assembled so early, trades may be likely but doubtful. I think that McPhee and Uncle Ted are pretty satisfied with they line up they have now.

In other NHL News:

Jaromir Jagr arrived in Omsk in good spirits. He seems pretty excited to play in a city that has a small town flavor to it. Apparently New York was a bit much for him. He also is not expecting a come back to the NHL anytime soon. Rough translation: "Chance to return to NHL, void, I would say that it is zero."

He also talked about the difficult choice to leave the NHL. "The main thing was to take the most correct decision. I played 17 years overseas... So the choice was difficult."

And maybe his head got a big head too: "I had the opportunity to become the ocean almost idols, perhaps second after Wayne Gretzky." Second after Gretzky? Ah I don't think so. The link to the article is here. Rough translation to English here.

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