Friday, July 25, 2008

101 Uses

Tomas Holstrom is quite the family man. Holstrom allowed his cousin to christen his daughter with the Stanley Cup.
“Tomas came up with the idea when we were sitting in his summer cabin kitchen a week ago,” Sundstrom said. “Me and my wife thought it would be fun to christen our daughter in such a priceless object.”


Other NHL News

John Tortorella met with the Islanders in hopes of a new job. While Torts is a hard pill to take, he is a gold mine for bloggers and media. You have to have some pretty thick skin to play for him. But his blunt truthfulness can sometimes be refreshing as well.

News Flash, Mats Sundin still has no idea where he will play next year. Well he might have an idea, but he is playing that hand pretty close to his vest. It's making both the Leafs' and Canucks' fans salivate in the hot summer sun.

Okay it's no hockey, but I watched the MLS All Star Game that pitted the MLS all stars against a premier leauge West Ham United last night. It was by total mistake, I was actually thinking that espn would play the Mets/Phillies game. I still don't see much of a difference between the talent level between the MLS and one of the top football clubs in England. Granted these were the best players MLS had to offer (David Beckham included). But a thought crossed my mind. Is the MLS to the soccer world the same as Kontinental Hockey League is to the NHL?

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