Friday, June 27, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me (Green Rumor)

Surfing around I came across this drivel from
I am hearing that [Mike] Green WILL get a sheet if he goes past July 1, and some teams are so worried that they are trying to trade for Green's rights. One rumour that I am hearing is that the Sabres may offer up Afinogenov to Washington for Green's rights in a deal that could go down this weekend IF the Capitals feel that Green is out of reach. Other teams interested in Green (and yes all 29 are interested, but these are the teams that I am hearing specifically) are San Jose, Toronto and the NY Rangers.

Uh, no. Losing Mike Green would be just as bad as if the Caps were to lose Alex Ovechkin. I doubt that GM George McPhee would even consider such a trade. Normally I enjoy Eklund's rumors, but he is just grasping at straws here (lucky for him he put in the big IF). Even if the Caps were considering moving Green (and they aren't since they came right out and said they would match any offer) they better be getting a defenseman, some first round picks, Maxim Afinogenov, a Klondike bar and someone's first born child.

Do all these teams want to offer the Caps something for his rights? Absolutely. You would have to be stupid not to want to get Green in your jersey. But just because some GM's have put the thought out that Green is attainable, doesn't mean the Caps are even entertaining the idea.

The most I can see any team offering Mike Green would be a 6 to 7 year deal at $6.5 million, a figure that the Caps could match easily, especially with the bump in the salary cap. Eklund's got to stop eating the brownies.


Anonymous said...

Even though I also read Eck's gossip, I often wonder what makes him such the authority that the guys on XM's Meet the Slot treat him like the hockey guru. I agree, put DOWN the brownies!

bpwtf? said...

"Losing Mike Green would be just as bad as if the Caps were to lose Alex Ovechkin."

You're kidding, right?