Thursday, June 19, 2008

When Boredom Strikes

As many of you know, Bruce Boudreau was an extra in the movie Slapshot. I found some footage from the actual movie.

The video is not that great, and the audio sucks but Boudreau is number 7 for the green team early in the movie. He is involved in both goals and even a wrap around the net with a big grin on his face. And look at all that hair.

Boudreau sets the screen on the first goal and looks like he scores on second off screen. The funny thing about the first goal is he sets the screen and then comes off the bench in the next shot. Two places at once, pretty impressive.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've watched the movie a million times looking for big Bruce - where'd all that hair go? The Hansens still look pretty much the same. Thanks for posting - we love ya Bruce!

asnowballschance said...

hockey mom is hot.